Mother's Hemp Plain Jane CBD Oil - 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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My name is Rachel Grano and I am the founding mother of Mother’s Hemp.

I am also the one formulating and making these amazing products for you.

I often get asked these questions about my Plain Jane CBD oil and thought I would make a video to answer some of them for you.

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Question 1 - What are the differences in strengths and sizes of the Plain Jane CBD oils?

There are 2 strengths of Plain Jane currently available, regular strength and triple strength.

The regular strength comes in 3 sizes and each contains 16 mg/ml. For reference 1 ml = 20 drops within a dropper, roughly 1 dropper full. The smallest bottle is 15 ml in volume and contains 240 mg of CBD, the medium size bottle is 30 ml and contains 480 mg CBD, the largest bottle and best value, is the 60 ml size with 960 mg of CBD.

The Triple Strength comes in 2 sizes and each contains 48 mg/ml. There is a 30 ml  size containing 1,440 mg of CBD and a 60 ml size with 2,880 mg of CBD. The triple strength is more milligrams of CBD per milliliter of oil, making it the perfect solution for more serious conditions that require higher doses of CBD.

Question 2 - What is the difference between a full spectrum CBD oil and an isolated CBD oil?

A full spectrum CBD oil contains the full spectrum of cannabiniods, flavonoids, fats, lipids and chlorophyll from the hemp plant, including, the low federally legal amount of THC which is less than 0.3 %. Depending on the company processing the oil, it could come in a crude or raw form or be refined by removing chlorophyll, fats and lipids. Unless otherwise stated that it is a THC free full spectrum oil, then assume that there is THC present.

Plain Jane is an isolated CBD oil that once started as a full spectrum extract and has been further refined to 99% pure CBD. Leaving it tasteless, odorless and THC free.

Question 3 - Can I fail a urine screen or drug test when smoking hemp or taking CBD oil?

This question is very important as it puts many people’s livelihoods at stake. Many professionals, veterans, drivers and pain clinic patients are monitored very closely for violations of their company’s policies. Even states with recreational and medical cannabis markets are still put these groups at risk.

If you are taking a CBD isolate oil such as the Plain Jane, then NO, you will not fail a urinalysis screening for THC. IF you are taking a full spectrum oil containing the small, yet legal amounts of THC, then YES, it is possible to trigger a false positive result on a THC drug screen. This is also true for smoking hemp, as it is unrefined and has traceable amounts of THC present.

These urinalysis tests screen for the metabolite of THC, which is what is stored in our bodies up to 30 days after we have consumed and processed the cannabinoids. Your metabolism and frequency of use play key factors in how long and how much is stored.

Question 4 - How much should I take and how often should I take it?

This is one of the hardest questions to give a solid answer to because all of our bodies and deficiencies and preferred outcomes of symptom relief are all subjective. Meaning many circumstances can contribute to the factors. The easiest way to know your dose is experimenting with a little bit of trial and error.

I recommend taking the Plain Jane CBD oil daily, at least 2-3 x per day, doing so, helps to regulate our body’s systems bringing them back to homeostasis.

As for the amount to take, here’s where the experimenting comes in. I always suggest starting low and working your way up slowly until you achieve your desired results. Keeping a journal through this process can be especially helpful when monitoring your symptom relief. 

It might look something like this: Take 3 drops/ 3x a day for the first 2-3 days and reassess your symptoms. If you do not notice a difference, double the dose and monitor for another couple of days. Keep doing this until you feel you have found your sweet spot. There is no harm in taking too much CBD, but it does work on a bell curve, meaning that a higher dose can be less effective. Also, I value your investment and want you to get the most from your Plain Jane CBD Oil!

Which leads us to our last question,

Question 5 - How do I take the oil? Do I just swallow it?

No, do not just swallow the oil as you will be wasting the available amount of CBD. This is due to the ability of our bodies to absorb the available amount of a substance present, known as bioavailability. It is recommended to drop the oil under the tongue and hold for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE before swallowing. The longer you hold it under the tongue, the more CBD you will be able to absorb before sending it into your digestive system. The tissue under our tongue is very thin and can easily absorb molecules straight into our blood stream, bypassing the breakdown of the digestive system, making this the preferred method of delivery for maximum bioavailability.

And that wraps up the 5 most commonly asked questions about Mother’s Hemp Plain Jane CBD oil. Please give a thumbs up if you liked this video and subscribe to this channel for more hemp and CBD know how! Until next time, Thanks for watching!

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