Handcrafted, hemp-derived CBD products made in small artisanal batches by the mother next door.


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Here at Mother’s Hemp we believe in quality and transparency. We  pride ourselves in excellence and we hold our values close to our hearts. That’s why our products are made using only the best, quality ingredients with the highest of intentions.

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What people say?

Our family saw the same great results with the Plain Jane CBD Oil that we did with the other brand and at a fraction of the cost! Our family will ONLY be using Plain Jane CBD Oil from now on. Thank you Mother's Hemp!
I ordered Mystical Muscle Salve after a friend spoke highly of a similar product she'd ordered elsewhere, so we ordered both to compare & WOW there was no comparison! Mother's Hemp was the only one I felt some relief with. I was pleasantly surprised with the result! Mystical Muscle Salve was great & really helped!

Our Promise

100% Natural

All natural ingredients. No artificial additives or preservatives.

No Pesticides

No pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Grown under organic practices.


Non- genetically modified ingredients.

Third-Party Lab Tested

Tested for potency and quality in a third-party laboratory.

Grown and Made in the USA

We proudly source our CBD and hemp from the USA.

SSL Encrypted

We protect your privacy with a secure connection.

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